Easily Small Nose Contouring Trick at Home

Nose Contouring Technique

If you want to explore your look and want to add positive comments then you
should try the Nose Contouring Technique. Through this technique, you can add confidence to your identity.

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Let’s have a look at the steps of Nose Contouring
☛ Use a small-tipped brush and with its small tip apply the darker contour
powder on the sides of your nose bridge up to your eyebrows if required.
☛ Use the wider brush to apply the darker contour powder and blend the
lines so that they look even on your face.
☛ If the nostrils are wide, encircle them with dark powder and the small-
tipped brush. Blend the powder with wider brush and then erase the
☛ Apply the highlighter to the tip of the nose and retrain it.
Follow these steps and feel delighted.

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