5 Easy Way To Enhance Your Look With Sexy Eye Makeup

Enhance Your Look With Sexy Eye Makeup

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Smudged Line
In this procedure, the upper lash line is drawn just like an eyeliner. This eyeliner isย drawn with the help of a smudging brush or sponge. Mascara can also be applied or false lashes can also be used.

Smudged Cat Eye
Make the upper lash on the eye and give a straight jerk at the end of the eye.
Now you can smudge with the brush or sponge.

Classic Cat Eye
For the Classic Cat Eye look you can draw a thick upper lash line with eyeliner and
give a flick at the end. The intensity of thickness is low in the inner corners and high in the outer corner. To enhance the beauty you can add mascara also.

Egyptian Eye
For this look, you can make the line on the upper and lower lash line, give it some thickness Make a pointed tip on the outer corner and join the ends.

Smoky Eye
This process is the same as the smudged line, but its intensity is high.
Get the new look and explore yourself with this eye makeup.

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