How To Look Beautiful, Smarter and Younger

How to beautiful, smarter and younger

  1. First thing is always positive and does meditation in the morning for positive thoughts, to feel fresh, do any good exercise, yoga, walking, runing etc.

. Always should be smiling on the face, always try to make a smiley face, and laugh at least to time very hard in a day.

3. God has given you the best face, so always happy and satisfied, and try to maintain it, whatever you have and be always smarter whenever you see yourself in the mirror.

4. Make sure you always wear good clothes, try to wear your best clothes so that in future you will not regret that, I haven’t worn those clothes.

5. Eat healthy foods, lots of fruits, salad and drink plenty of water. With that eat your favourite’s things also, so that when u grows older, you would not think that you haven’t eaten that, but always eat with your age and bodyweight appropriate.

6. Take out time for yourself, do something good things for yourself, don’t take out any problem in urself, anything about your hobbies.

7. Love urself, be positive you are the best.

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