Shocking Salary of Top Bollywood Actress

In Bollywood numerous Actress, come and make their bearer, some work great, Some VIPs in Bollywood are extremely well known and gain money, in genuine on-screen character transporter is exceptionally short, performer go back and forth, continue changing, yet some on-screen character truly buckle down, and on the grounds that celebrated, and a portion of our renowned Bollywood on-screen characters, we should view the rundown of their compensation per motion picture.

Kangana Ranaut charges around 15 crores per movie

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Deepika Padukone Singh charges around 14 crores per movie

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Priyanka Chopra charges around 13 crores per movie

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 Kareena Kapoor charges around 11.5 crores per movie
 Katrina Kaif charges around 11 crores per movie

This is the list of some of the highest paying actresses in Bollywood.

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