Attractive Smokey Eye makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Eye is the most alluring piece of the face in the event that somebody draws into you, they previously pulled in to your eyes, so on the off chance that you need to get keen and delightful, you attempt to realize, how to do smokey eye cosmetics, since its change your character, and invigorate you more certainty and, its an exceptionally striking character, so at whatever point you are going

Presently, nowadays without smokey eye cosmetics, no eye cosmetics is done, each cosmetics just look great, when its include with smokey eye cosmetics, its make you increasingly excellent, alluring and give an exceptionally sharp look, you generally look great in smokey key makeup, then there would be a marriage, party cosmetics, progressively delightful,

for any event attempt to apply smokey eye cosmetics, Here are some simple and straightforward tips for fledglings, who need to apply this excellent eye cosmetics, there are a various approach to apply smokey eye cosmetics, so simply check it and learn:-

How to apply:-

โ˜› You just simply apply foundation on your lid for giving better look.

โ˜› Then make a line on the outer corner to the crease and over it with the help of black eyeshadow or kalaj pencil.

โ˜› Smudge it, with a brush or with a finger, whichever is comfortable and its finish.

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