Easy Ways to Remove Blackheads

The Few Ways to Remove Blackheads
Blackheads are unwanted and these are most hated by all of us. Here are some
ways which help to remove blackheads permanently from the face. Just have a
look at the points-

☛ Egg white
☛ Corn Flour or Gram Flour
☛ Aloe Vera
☛ Turmeric and Mint Juice.

You can use the above products whichever is easily available at home, take a spoon of flour and mix with half turmeric powder, you and add rose water and make the face pack of them, Then apply face pack on the opposite direction of hair growth part. apply for 10-15 minutes, wash off with normal water.

If you want the scrubber for Blackheads then here is the list of scrubs-
☛ Baking Soda
☛ Honey
☛ Milk
☛ Lemon
☛ Exfoliating Wash.

You can use these products as these are easily available in your kitchen. Get rid of Blackheads naturally and get the reward of beauty again.

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